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This is page for DKB's Entertainments and Here some program code links and many thing. Just Check it i update it regularly...


 HTML Tips

 Creating Image  Gallery-  HTML5 and CSS3.0

 Code Link
 JavaScript   Creating Jump list in window 7
PDF or  Link
* Link *
PDFVB.NET - Subroutines and Function
* Link *
 ASP.NET Notes [in Education Link page] 
 Apple - Products' History about films
* Link *
 PDFHacker and the Open Source Revolution
 2 - May - 2012
Linux OS Best || More about think  Link
 Microsoft OS view  Link

Best Songs   
 MP3 50 First Dates - Every Breath You Take Lyric
 Poems ...  
 Hum Bewafa Na The
 I'm an Open Book Read
 The smell of an Old Book Read
 Maa tere doodh ka haq humse adaa kya hoga Read
 Sincere Love Read
 All izz Well - For Developer Read
 Winning is Everything Read
 DKB Stuff ...  
 DKB April Stuff Link



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